Upcoming Travel Plans


A surprise trip!
8th – 10th March
Unsure on where to take my Mum for her birthday (she prefers trips) I decided to do a surprise trip! You find out two hours before you fly while at the airport! They arrange everything for you from your hotel to your flights. All that’s in your control is what airport you fly from. 1 week before you fly they give you a weather update so you can pack correctly!


18th – 20th March
Another solo trip for a destination I’ve always wanted to go to! Not sure how I’ll get those pictures of me in front of the tram though! I need to get my thinking cap on.
(Picture from NomadicMatt)



17th April – 30th April
Starting in Ho Chi Minh city and ending in Hanoi, I am taking a guided tour with Realgap again. I previously went with them to Thailand and I loved it. Previously I went with a friend but this time I am going to the tour alone.