Today I wanted to put together a little guide of travel-themed gifts under £10 or under (not including p&p) A lot of gift guides that you’ll see floating around will include a lot more expensive things, but as this is a budget travel blog, I thought we could go with the theme of budget gifts. Sound good?

Each family has their own traditions on Christmas day, whether that is wake up and having a Bucks fizz, waking up at 4am and opening your gifts in one go (no matter your age) or some not sharing more than 1 gift and the main focus being dinner!

For my house, my brother and I wake up early, make my mum a cup of tea (the No. 1 rule! we cannot skip this part) and we open a small stocking filled with bits and bobs. We then wait for my Nan and my Uncle to arrive, open half of the main pressies and then wait for the rest until after Christmas dinner! When I was younger I used to get so mad because everyone would be asking me by 10am what I got and I couldn’t tell them! (Nan arrives around 12pm) but as I get older I become more grateful that presents are spread through out the day. On boxing day my Mum usually finds extra presents that she’s hidden and forgotten about and that becomes our agenda!

Anyway, enough of my rambling, here is the travel themed gift guide for £10 and under!

A door lock:

A Lifeventure door lock. £4.99 from >here<

Perfect for some extra comfort when travellers are staying in a hostel or as a woman, feeling unsafe in an an environment. Boasting light weight properties, if you/the person in mind is backpacking around the world, they wont feel a weight at all. (Amazon are selling this for £5.99 –



Lush Shampoo Bar or Conditioner Bar(& Tin!):

Ideal for the traveller who is going for a lot longer with just a backpack.  >Lush’s Shampoo bar < is just £7.30. This one is called Seanik (what a good pun) and is tried and tested by me! I took it to Thailand with me. You can avoid those liquid limits and it is full of the good stuff! I’d advise to buy the tin though, I took mine in a little bag and it got crazy messy. Luckily for you the tin is still within budget and is only £2.50! (you can find this in the shampoo section on their website)


A money box: 

It sounds silly, doesn’t it? What is the point of a money box when people have bank accounts now? Well, I don’t know about you but actually these little money boxes come in handy and I have saved up quite a fair bit because of these. This one is from > Etsy < for £9.99. All that loose change adds up you know! If you decide to shop around, one that you have to smash to get in to really helps too. You can usually find a similar one in card shops. They’re usually too nice looking to smash and that will motivate someone to save! Trust me. (Source: experience. Do I want to smash this for an ice cream? nooope!!)


A travel set from Primark. 

Now this is a perfect little stocking filler. A passport cover and an eye mask from > Primark.< One that I have a feeling will make its way in to my stocking if my mum is reading this! Unfortunately Primark do not have an online shop (but I’ve linked you anyway as there is other design options to browse through) and you will physically have to go in and ask, but as it is a gift set, it should be fairly easy to find!


Travel jewellery, more specifically this anklet.

Perfect for the minimalist in your life and if they don’t like to wear jewellery (like me) just pop it on your ankle and you’ve forgot it’s even there. This one is from Etsy again (click here!) for just £2.95 and comes in a variety of thread colours. Simple, easy! and apparently can be customised/personalised. Pretty good huh? This shop also do a variety of other designs if you think the compass idea is “over done”


Travel Keyrings/Charms: 

I was really undecided if I should put this in here because it is a keyring after all.. but this is so beautiful I couldn’t not share it! Coming in at £8.50 > this< gorgeous little key ring could be a nice little travel charm to add to a bag.




Travel Diary/Journal

(This specific A5 diary is from > Paperchase  <for just £8.00.) Perhaps not this exact one but a diary could be a good idea for anyone and still in the travel theme.  That person can keep track of the travels they have planned, flight numbers etc all in one place. I know I need to get organised next year so I will definitely grab one! As well as that, they could instead use the space to journal. Some diaries like this one have large spaces for the day so that comes in handy. Alternatively, a plain notebook could be good for a travel journal! Stationary options are endless and all remain in budget and actually do come in handy. I personally prefer simple patterns like this one other wise it distracts me.



Okay, I feel like you all knew this one was coming and please feel free to call me a boring ass but.. socks! > here from Etsy for £9.98. These ones are deliberately mismatched and I love it. Labelled as for men, these would be great for either man or woman to be honest!
I actually love quirky socks as gifts but maybe



A travel themed mug: 

I. love. mugs. Especially quirky ones like this.  I love to buy a mug for others and then fill it with chocolate or socks or whatever they are in to. It makes a great stocking filler. Last year I bought my boyfriend a mug and filled it with miniature skincare products and had a little sachet of posh coffee. This mug is from Newlook for £6.99 (click here)




and that’s it! I feel like I should put an end to this post right here and now because I could go on for hours! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I hope that I have inspired you a little bit and I also hope my mum doesn’t see it because I know I’d get everything on this list as apparently I am very difficult to buy for!


All photos in this post are not mine (apart from the first one!) and were taken from the sourced website linked in each post. This post has no affiliated, sponsored or gifted links and all opinions and ideas were my own.


  1. Ashley Firth
    November 12, 2018 / 8:16 pm

    I love Lush Shampoos and conditioners for when we travel as a family. They’re so much easier than packing bottles, they last for ages and are great for your hair! I love the cute mug too 🙂

    • kirstindalton
      November 13, 2018 / 10:49 am

      Me too! they make everything smell good too in your bag haha!

    • kirstindalton
      November 28, 2018 / 2:18 pm

      Thank you so much Dorie!
      I am actually heading to Vienna next Wednesday so it was really nice to see your comment! 🙂 x

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