I was recently in Amsterdam and wanted to do something a little different than the usual things. I wanted to talk fashion in front of this beautiful building. More specifically…Travel Fashion on a BUDGET.

If this sort of post is not your typical cup of tea, I completely understand! I know it’s not for every one.

Lets Talk Travel Fashion..

A lot of people think that when you are saving to travel, you cannot do anything in your personal life. All you do is save save save and I want to tell you that is not correct! (thankfully, I don’t think I could cope with saving all the time) I really love to shop, specifically seasonal clothes. So today I am going to combine travel x budget fashion.

Is Primark Really Throw Away Fashion, If You Don’t Throw It Away?

Did I really go to Primark and buy a whole outfit for under £30? Why yes I did. Woo! This post is not sponsored, gifted or encouraged by them in any way. It’s genuinely how/where I get my outfits. I hate that people call this throw away fashion because… well..I really don’t throw it away after 1 wash!

Does anyone remember how ‘cool’ it was to hate Primark in secondary school? I actually refused to go in to the shop, fearing someone would see me.

Now I am so happy they have updated and it is socially acceptable to wear them again! because truth be told, I always loved them.

So my outfit:
Red Button Down Corduroy Skirt – £8
Basic High Neck Sweater – £4
Round side body bag – £6
Some basic tights £3
Trainers (Bought at a different time) – £6


Notes about the outfit:

I couldn’t choose between the red or green skirt for this outfit that I had pictured so I ended up buying both! (update: I have since bought the black version too) If you buy a similar, the green one is just as nice. I have a pear shape body and I found the skirts to be so flattering! The sweater is from the basic section which is why it is so cheap and I’d personally wear it more as a t-shirt and layer it. It’s located where they keep the plain vest tops but I had to go back several times because it was a popular item and often completely sold out in this colour (they have other colours).

The sweater is kind of see through so I wore a Primark vest top (bought at a different time – £1.50 regardless) underneath just in case but if you have the confidence to go out with that and a bra on? You go girl. I also got so cold I stole a hoodie from my partner, which is coincidentally also from Primark.


(Taking life too seriously in this photo)

…and that is it for this post! I did have something written which was a really heavy subject and something I am not fully educated on so I thought it was best left unsaid for now. One day I will publish it. I hope you enjoyed this one off post and let me know if you enjoyed it and want more!!



  1. Ella Jones says:

    I love finding budget fashion in charity shops or vintage, they are usually pretty good quality for the price!

    • kirstindalton says:

      I agree Ella! The only downside being that they’re usually one off items. Once you love something so much and then it gets worn out, you can’t find it again!

  2. Sheila says:

    I just booked a vacation to a warm destination and am already thinking of some affordable options for clothes! I wish we had Primark in Canada, I used to go in NYC & Penney’s in Ireland and it’s such a nice option for affordable trendy clothes you don’t intend to keep forever.

    x Sheila

    • kirstindalton says:

      Where did you book to?
      I wish Primark was world wide for you too!
      I’ve never heard of the one in Ireland!

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