My Devon Staycation


Let me start by saying this might be a little photo heavy! but don’t worry, it’s full of mostly blue skies and a little dog called Rosie.
My partner C (lets call him C from now on) and I went to Devon to visit his grandparents and their dog called Rosie. They live on a steep hill in the middle in the smallest little town called Barbook (right next door to Lynmouth) They live in a cottage which used to be a farm house and I knew instantly the first time I visited them 4 years ago that I wanted to live there. They’re selling the cottage and the little holiday homes attached so we wanted to visit before they moved. It’s a really beautiful place so I would never say no to visiting. We travelled by coach from Heathrow Terminal 2 from Thursday – Sunday and it cost £40 return each for both of us. We travelled with National Express and the journey took 5 hours each way. It was my first time travelling for a long time by coach and aside from feeling abit travel queasy, I was fine and it was 100% worth the money.

We arrived in Barnstaple about 6ish then had a 45 minute car ride to their house. We played with Rosie, ate and spent the night by the fire catching up!

We checked the weather for this day and decided it was the best day to do all the hiking and the walking! Our first stop was to the Valley Of The Rocks. If any of you have ever been to Lynton and Lynmouth you know that just to get to those little towns is a hike of 18% (sometimes more) incline and then steep drops. I knew this but for some reason I had forgotten.. haha. After getting to the valley of the rocks we went the long way around the cliff into Lynton and Lynmouth.

After all the hiking we decided to explore around the shops and the beach. For some reason we decided it would be a great idea to try and get over all of the stones and get to the sea. It took us over an hour to reach the sea before we realised there was a clear path next to us! oops! haha. We saw some rockpools though and enjoyed playing the “will this rock move and break our ankles or not?” game. After all our hard work we stopped for lunch to get some chips! We then hiked back up a 25% incline on full tummies.. ooft! When we got to the top I had a little rest and sat down on the path. The people who had driven up the hill did not approve of this! haha.

After getting back to the house we had some much needed rest and then took Rosie out for a walk at sunset around the back of the farmers fields.

I wasn’t originally going to include this picture and I’m probably exaggerating but this was actually a lot for my little legs. (It might also be worth noting that I had a severe cold/flu this entire holiday!) Taken from the Health app on Iphone…I think we did a lot of walking!

Sore from the previous day I’d say we spent this day having a road trip around North Devon and beach hopping. It was quite a grey day but still humid. We then spent the rest of the evening at the cottage winding down and getting ready for our early departure the next day!

That’s it from my little trip to Devon! C bought the coach tickets for this and for this entire holiday I spent a grand total of £22. £13 was for food there and back, £2 for Baileys Fudge for my partner and £7 at the chip shop! A completely budget get away.

I’ve got no definite trips planned in the next 3 months but I’m organising day trips and a weekend away with friends as I type this. I am going to Disney World Florida for 10 days in September and I will definitely be blogging my trip there. Keep checking back!

Where is your ultimate staycation? Any suggestions for day trips? I’m looking at Bath right now so stay tuned!


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