My 30 Hours in Paris!


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Paris, Paris, Paris.
I’d originally planned this trip as my first ever solo trip but plans rarely ever work out, so my partner and I went for the weekend. A short and sweet trip that I’d been looking forward to for a while. We stayed in a hotel in Central London Friday night so we could catch the Eurostar the next morning and arrived at 11am. Our original time to leave was 7.01pm on Sunday but we were approached by Eurostar staff asking if we wanted to exchange our ticket to an earlier train (for free!) so we took it and I’m so glad we did because we didn’t get home until 10pm anyway!

Saturday 21st May:

I feel like I experienced two sides to Paris on my weekend away. Saturday was definitely the more romantic/positive/sunny side of things. My partner really was not well on Saturday so we decided to take it easy. Sticking to the Eiffel Tower area, we explored the surrounding area, took goofy photos and had a picnic on the grass behind…How romantic! I had booked tickets to go up to the top but my partner was quite fragile so I didn’t want to risk it. The whole area was quite packed with tourists and people shaking Eiffel Tower key chains at us, so we took a little respite in the aquarium across the road. At the end of the aquarium is a little tank where you can interact with Koi Carp and honestly I just loved it. I’m quite an animal person (those who know me know this haha) so Koi giving my hand “kisses” made my entire day. We then headed back to the hotel and later the supermarket for dinner and relaxed for the evening. (read: Fell asleep about 9pm…oops!)


I feel like you can tell instantly by this set of photos what happened on Sunday. The plan for this day was to go and enjoy The Catacombs and explore after wards. This also did not go to plan. The first picture is the stop where it’s located. We used the Metro the entire trip, no cabs this time! (I’ve just paid off my Disney World Florida tickets so we were on a budget) When we got to The Catacombs at around 11am, the queue was huge. It was raining but we decided to join anyway. It wouldn’t take that long, right? Wrong. I stupidly assumed that it wouldn’t be that busy and didn’t book any tickets what so ever so that meant waiting on the door. In total we waited around 4 hours to get in. The Catacombs only allows 200 people in at one time but it’s worth it.
While waiting in this queue there was a bomb scare across the road. Given every thing that has happened in Paris recently, I was honestly terrified. One hour into our queue, Police arrived and started shutting the doors of the RER station across the road and shouting. Another Police man came and started putting tape every where and asking people to move back and stopping cars. In this time, several army men had appeared holding their guns and no one was telling us what was going on. A Police van with “Deminage” turns up (pictured) and I put on my data roaming and used Google Translate. Deminage: Mine Clearance and just as quick as it all happened, it was all cleared away and every thing was normal again. False alarm. Thank god.

When we eventually got in to The Catacombs it was just not what I was expecting at all. There are around 6 million bodies down there. It’s a very quiet and respectful place and I definitely felt rude taking photos but so worth a visit. A tick off the bucket list!
When we left it was raining so hard that it just was not possible to do anything else so we headed to the supermarket for some snacks and went to the train station and that was it! My short and sweet trip. Despite every negative thing that happened, I did really enjoy myself. I love walking the streets of Paris, I feel so comfortable and at home.

I booked this trip through Lastminute on a deal and It came to £255 for return train tickets for both my partner and I, as well as a one night stay at 4* hotel. We stayed in Novotel, along the river and close to the Eiffel Tower.

I’m also heading to Devon next Thursday (2nd June) to see my partners family and their dog Rosie and pet chicken Chook. It’s my first long trip on a coach so stay tuned for more blog updates!

Have you ever been to Paris? What was your favourite part?

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