What a night! Where to begin? Boo to you.

Thursday 29th September

We were actually quite lucky in finding out about this night. I can’t remember exactly but I think I over heard someone and we booked tickets for the nearest available night (which was this day!) we honestly got so lucky because we found out quite late and every other one was full. For those not familiar, Halloween at Disney is where all the Villains from every film come out to play.

We booked tickets at our hotel for this and upon arrival showed our paper and tapped our Mickey Bands and got another paper bracelet. You don’t get these early because they release new colours for every night.. So people can’t sneak in! After you enter, you get a little bag with some sweets inside and a map.

Aside from going on rides (as it was late, every ride had no wait) I was 100% sure the first thing I wanted to do was get Halloween Themed Ears! I ended up getting Maleficent’s (as you can see!) After I got my ears.. It was to the Haunted Mansion!

Before the parade and stage show started, we had an hour to kill. I went and did a character meet with Ariel as she had become my favourite this holiday.
It honestly amazes me how they stay in character. There was a 60 year old man alone in front of us and she was talking about all her “stuff” and Ursula. I was amazed, I can’t imagine how these kids feel when they meet them. The lighting wasn’t my friend in this photo so I took out my face for this one, but you can still see Ariel so it’s okay! There is also Trick or Treat points where the staff literally give you two handfuls of sweets. Amazing! (Goodies included: Chocolate, Snickers and many many flavours of skittles)

After Trick or Treating, buying rare pins and exhausting every ride possible we found a little place to watch the stage show. It was so busy for this that I couldn’t really see but the gist of it all was the Hocus Pocus girls were having a party and inviting every villain they could think of.

Next up was the parade. I couldn’t get a good view of this either really (oh the problems of being short..) but it was great! After it ended where I was standing I ended up chasing Jafar for a photo. It turns out it was the only clear one I got from the Parade! After this we chilled out and a lot of people left. I’m not sure if they knew about the fireworks or not? To be honest I don’t think I would of either if it wasn’t for the man from yesterday telling me to stick around for them.
Oh my goodness, I am so glad I did. They were the best ones I have ever seen in my life. They really went all out (please youtube it!) and at one point we were surrounded by fireworks. Another amazing highlight of my time there.
After the party we just went and got dinner, calling it a night!

Playing Grown Up

I can’t remember which day it was specifically, perhaps Thursday but after talking to someone about pin trading, we got roped in to the whole Disney Vacation Club. We didn’t know how to say no because he was so nice and we’d been chatting like we were friends for years and before we know it we were signed up for a tour, in a posh hotel, playing grown up, trying to plan our escape. How do you explain to someone that you don’t want to go to every Disney in the world for just $17,000? Yeah, you can’t! but two hours later, an angry salesman and a free £50 gift card.. we got out of it. Phew!

Friday 30th

Our last official day in Disney. We’d decided that we wanted to spend this day shopping so we split the day in half. Morning – Main Street, Afternoon – Disney Springs. I didn’t actually spend any more money on main street, I just enjoyed it and said my good byes.
I did however spend money in Disney Springs. We spent most of our time there. It was just a really good easy place to eat and I came away with a 2ft cuddly Mickey Toy, a really special photo album (something I’ve got to do after these blog posts…) a Minnie Mouse pen and a lot of pins.

In all honesty, I really did not want to come home. I have already started looking at saving for a Christmas trip next year!

A big massive massive thank you to my Grandad who allowed this trip to happen. Even though he has passed on, I know he would think I spent my money wisely. There were no words to even describe how happy I was in Disney. It was truly a dream come true.

I have two trips coming up before the end of the year. Venice and Berlin. I will be doing a post on both of these so I will see you then! 🙂


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