I have a lot of photos from 2018 that I’ve either never posted, posted on Instagram or they’ve got lost somewhere on the blog. These photos have been my absolute favourite I’ve taken over 2018. I wanted to round them up and put them all in one place!

Surin, Thailand 

Taken in Surin, on the way back to our homestay after a delicious food market, we passed this guy!

Bangkok, Thailand

I actually got this photo by chance. I’d booked an Air BNB for the night after our rural adventure in Thailand. I really just needed a bed. I never realised that we also had an amazing view too! This was taken in the morning after we arrived but the night view was just as pretty!

Edinburgh, Scotland

This photo was taken literally seconds before the start of my big problem which has caused me to dislike this trip! I took it through the glass of the Camera Obscura museum.

Bruges, Belgium

I’d seen photos of this place all over Instagram but I’d never realised where it was nore cared to look for it! I was walking straight up the street and saw something red in the corner of my eye! 🙂

 The Cotswolds, England

Easily one of my favourite places in the UK. I spent a great deal of time just waiting to get the shot without any people or cars AND the autumnal tree at the end.

Split, Croatia

5 minutes later..

After an incredibly stormy day, the sky brightened up and gave Croatia an incredible sunset!  We rushed out of our PJ’S, in to an Uber and to this place within 10 minutes. It was still raining a little when we arrived but there was a rainbow to the left and a sunset to the right, which was such a surreal experience. My boyfriend and I were the crazy ones posing in the rain while every one hid under shelter haha!

Desenzano Del Garda, Italy 

Covent Garden, London

The iconic photo from Christmas 2018! Something almost everyone had on their Instagram’s but I loved anyway.


That’s it! I think I might make this a yearly thing. What’s the point in taking photos if you don’t show them off? Overall I honestly thought I would have a lot more but I am such a perfectionist when it comes to what I take, that it is also not surprising that I have only these few.


Do you have any favourite photos from 2018 that you didn’t post online?


9 responses to “FAVOURITE PHOTOS FROM 2018”

  1. Kristin says:

    Beautiful photos!! Especially those sunset ones!

  2. Stunning photos! My favourite one is the first one. It is so captivating. Love it.

  3. Anaïs N. says:

    Those pictures are absolutely stunning!!! I don’t know which one is my favourite one as I love all of them haha
    You’ve got some true talent to capture beauty through your travels!

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