All of those in the title happened over the course of 3 days. We did a LOT. Even a bit more than the title suggests actually.

So, here we go!


This is going to sound mad to some people but I’d never actually thought about Epcot before. All I knew was that the photo point was the giant golf ball. That is it. I didn’t know any thing about the park. So when we arrived and my partner dragged me to queue for this golf ball I was quite confused and surprised when he told me it was actually a ride. He reassured me over and over “it’s not a roller coaster. It’s slow. Trust me” so I did and aside from stopping half way through for 15 minutes.. I enjoyed it!

We had arrived to the park quite early so we were waiting around for a while before The World Showcase opened. We just explored “Paris” and Americas image of what England looks like (Note: Tea, Doctor Who, pretty delicate buildings and more tea) as well as coming across a worm that was jumping up and down on the pavement (!?)

Epcot showcase was really incredible. My favourite places were Japan, Morocco and China. Coincidentally these are now the places I want to go to next..


Saturday: Pool Day & A quick trip to Old Town

Now where do I begin with this interesting day? Please don’t misjudge the title, It sounds relaxing but I was actually stressed for 90% of the day.
Here is why. I can’t swim. I can’t. Feel free to read that again. I really cannot swim. So when my partner suggested a pool day to relax and recover from constantly doing things (not even Blizzard Beach!!!) I stressed. We had a little pool right next to our hotel room which was mostly abandoned but over my adult years, I have learnt… The more you put something off, the more stressful it becomes when the situation approaches. Luckily jet lag helped us this day and no one actually arrived to the pool until 11am (We had got there after breakfast at 7am!) and my partner spent a while possibly being seriously stressed from me trying to be comfortable with the water and teaching me how to swim. We got there in the end. I can swim now. (Ha! I mean, I can float comfortably in 4ft 5 water and splash my legs about holding a pool noodle but it is a serious advance to previously not getting in the water above my hips.)

So lets talk about Old Town. I’m going to straight up say right now it does not look like the pictures. I mean, it does and it doesn’t. It’s really hard to explain. We had the best Uber driver you could possibly ask for on the way there. He was kind, hilarious and excited to meet someone from London. I had dressed up (I say dressed up I mean put on a blouse and chunky heels) and was feeling excited for the vintage car show.
When we pulled up we had just passed a gun shop with the American eagle on it and “Americas Greatness” written all over it. (America, I’m sorry but this made me so uneasy) and were ready to dive in. Ah. There was 3 cars driving up and down, no one was paying attention to them and I felt very unsafe. My partner felt fine but I was a worrier and I was very uncomfortable. I felt like people were looking at this over dressed idiot and I wanted to get out of there. We walked up and down the street, saw one vintage car and jumped in a crystal shop to order a new Uber back to the happy bubble which is Disney springs.

Sunday: Walmart, Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs.

Walmart. Oh my god. Just. I can’t come to grips with how amazing it is. I know a lot of Americans are reading this like “erm, really?” YES! You have so much stuff! Pumpkin spice Oreos? You got it. Blue fanta? Sure. Dairy free ice cream? yes!! I’m not going to lie to you all, I freaked out when I saw this. We didn’t have a freezer (obviously) back at our hotel room so I only managed to eat 1/4 of it but yes, it was amazing. I also bought some ELF products while I was there, since I’ve heard such good things. I even told my Uber driver on the way back that I’d just gone to Walmart for the first time ever and he was so shocked haha.

After yesterdays pool day, I really didn’t want another relaxing day. I was in Disney and time was running out! (note: it wasn’t, but I was determined) so I suggested a smaller park and we head on over to Hollywood Studios.

When we arrived in the park, we jumped straight in to a Little Mermaid theatre performance. I knew this was going to be a good day as soon as bubbles started falling from the ceiling. I didn’t take much photos here. I really just enjoyed my day. It was a short but sweet trip to HS.

We’d previously been to Disney Springs since arriving in America. We went there almost every night but we just usually popped in for dinner and left again. On this night we explored it properly and I begged my partner to go the T-Rex restaurant.

Lets talk about T-REX Cafe! I am a big kid, so this thrilled me to bits. We didn’t make reservations, we just walked in and were seated within 5 minutes despite the wait time being 40. If you hadn’t guessed already, the whole place was covered with moving dinosaurs. It was honestly great. We were seated by one (me, pictured below, looking thrilled) and every 15 minutes the restaurant gets even darker and the sound of the dinosaurs gets louder and there’s a meteor shower/thunder storm. So good. Plus, the food was fab too! You should definitely visit if you get the chance.

When you came out of the restaurant there was a little gift shop. We ended up buying a cute fitting souvenir! You can pick a rock with a crystal inside and crack it open your self! Pretty cool and the perfect finishing touch to the day and experience!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this really long post! Universal Studios and a dessert fireworks cruise is coming next time! See you next Sunday.


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