Listen guys, I have a confession… I have a massive sweet tooth and I am a snack-a-holic. Thoroughly. There is no point trying to save me now. It’s even got to the point where my boyfriend no longer asks me what I had for dinner, but he asks me what snack I’ve had. Due to my complete addiction and inability to have 3 full meals a day (apparently) I’ve put together this thorough guide of snacks of my time in Disney and where to find them. Thus my “Diary of a Disney Snack-a-Holic” post was born and here you are. This post will also contain a few (non alcoholic) drinks too.  I also did Epcot Food and Wine festival while I was there, but this post was already full enough so that post will come later. All prices are listed as before tax and all photos were taken by me, because y’know, I was actually consuming them… Lets go!

Magic Kingdom


Pineapple Dole Whip Magic Kingdom Disney

Pineapple Dole Whip Float
Where: Aloha Isle
Price: $5.99

Located Just opposite Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride in Magic Kingdom, this is the lovely drink that everyone talks about. I knew I found the right place when I noticed how large the queue is! It was definitely worth the wait. It’s a pineapple kind of slushy with vanilla ice cream whip on top! It’s pointless grabbing a straw for this drink, it’s essentially a dessert in a cup. You can also grab this drink in Animal Kingdom at Tamu Tamu, and this comes with the option of rum!








Corndog Nuggets, Casey's Corner Disney WorldLoaded Corndog Nuggets
Where: Casey’s Corner (Main Street)
Price: $10.99

Technically a meal but please forgive me because this was my first time trying a Corndog! Let alone lots of miniature ones! Surprisingly good, but very sickly. If you’ve never tried a Corndog before it’s essentially a hot dog encased in Yorkshire Pudding batter. Topped with jalapenos, cheese & garlic sauce, salsa and nacho crisps… this was heavenly. Casey’s Corner can get very busy, there is usually a queue outside. Luckily for me, there was a nearby restaurant which looks as if it’s closed down (turn right at CC down a side street and it’s right at the end!) so I sat and munched there by myself with a Blueberry Ice Tea from Starbs.

I did also manage to grab the famous Mickey Pretzel and cheese from a stall too, but this was during some fireworks and I couldn’t get a picture! 

Pumpkin Spice Pretzels Disney Snack


Pumpkin Spice Pretzels 
Where: Main Street Gift Shop (left hand side) or your resort gift shop.
Price: $8.49

I understand that these are limited edition and you might not be able to grab these anymore but I just wanted to mention them because I loved them! This delicious snack is salted pretzels, covered in white chocolate with a hint of pumpkin spice seasoning. They sound super sweet but even my boyfriend liked these (he has not got a sweet tooth!) but like with all white chocolate, it does get sickly. I’m still munching on them every now and again 1 month later.








Lighthouse Sandwich Magic Kingdom Disney Snack

Lighthouse Sandwich 
Where: Columbia Harbour House (near The Haunted Mansion)
Price: $10.69

I would say, this is one of Disney’s visitors favourite restaurants. There is usually a massive queue but luckily for me, I got there kind of early. I heard the guy behind me exclaim that the Lobster Roll from this restaurant is second to none. Unfortunately I do not eat fish, so I couldn’t partake with agreement but I did have the Lighthouse sandwich instead. To be honest, by this point I just wanted some vegetables not as part of a pizza or chicken meal and I didn’t care how I got them.

Unsurprisingly though, this sandwich was incredible and I’ve found myself craving it since I’ve got home. It’s a simple brown bread toasted sandwich with hummus and a tomato and broccoli coleslaw with homemade crisps on the side. Yes please.




Minnie's Cookie Dough Sundae Magic Kingdom Disney Snack

Minnie’s Cookie Dough Sundae
Where: Storybook Treats (opposite the carousel)
Price: $6.49

My dream desert, hands down! Vanilla Ice cream, topped with hot fudge sauce, cookie dough ears, cream and a white chocolate bow. Y.U.M. My only regret about this dessert was that I was feeling full and bloated by this point in my trip but I finished it and enjoyed it completely anyway! I only discovered this place because I saw a lot of people with this bright blue ice cream (Arendelle Aqua Cone!) and followed the trail! The blue one wasn’t for me, but this definitely was!


Lemonade Boba Tomorrowland Disney Snack



Lemonade with Blueberry Boba
Where: Tomorrow Land (Next to the space ship that has water mist to cool you down)
Price: $7.20 (A guess with my hazy memory! – Sorry)

This was originally advertised as a limited edition Halloween drink, but I believe this could be available all year round under different names. I don’t know the official name of this one or the specific price but I believe it was around the $7 mark, if not cheaper. I was in a rush to get to my next fast pass and forgot to write it down! Sorry!
This was a really cool drink and quite tangy too. I’m not sure what the lady did, but it was smoking for a while and the blueberry boba were jumping! It was quite good but the novelty of having a cool drink definitely paid off more.






Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Trick Or Treat Bag Disney Snack



Mickey’s Halloween Party
Trick or Treat sweets!

I wasn’t sure if I should include this in here originally but there are an abundance of sweets/snacks here. So, why not? Typically I am not a sweets kind of person (chocolate is better) and so I ended up bringing these all home and gave 95% of them to my brother! Who then took them to work and his friends houses. I ate the Apple pumpkin spice squeeze pouch at work though and it was so good! A lot of people did ask if I was eating baby food. Potentially, but it was damn good.








Animal Kingdom


Elephant Ear Pastry Animal Kingdom Disney Snack



Elephant Ear Pastry
Where: Kusafiri (Next to the outside stage of performers, on the way to the Safari)
Price: $5.99

Tagged as a “must have” Disney snack, I was really excited to try this! This is a Palmera’s Pastry dipped in chocolate. Made with puff pastry, with sugar in between (which goes crunchy!) this snack was the perfect breakfast item for me before heading on to the Safari! It did take a while for me to find it admittedly, all I knew was that it was in Animal Kingdom! Super tasty and worth the hunt! 







Asante Slushy Animal Kingdom Disney Snack

Asante Slushy
Where: Opposite Harambe’s Food Space
Price: $5

A limited edition shaved ice drink with mango and watermelon! This was truly needed on my second trip to Animal Kingdom. It was really humid this day and I just couldn’t deal with any more ice cream so I grabbed this in passing from a food cart. It also comes with vodka (for around $10.50!)

It’s also a bonus that it’s right next to this popular “Instagrammable” wall! I ended up ditching the straw and chipped away at it with a spoon instead!

I believe this drink is completely dedicated to Lion King because honestly even just writing that out I started singing Asante Sana Squash Banana..









Werther's Original Shop Epcot Disney Snack


Werther’s Original Popcorn
Where: German Quarter / Werther’s Original Shop
Price: $9.99


Originally I bought this for Mum who is a very “get me anything!” kind of woman, so I brought it home! But… My boyfriend and I ended up eating this while watching Netflix. Oops. This salted caramel popcorn was drizzled in dark chocolate and had a few absolutely massive pecans.

This was ridiculously moreish and we ended up eating it all in one sitting. I’ve never seen Werthers Original popcorn in England so I definitely need to scope this out for the future!






Mochi Japan Quarters Epcot Disney Snack





Where: Japan Quarters
Price: Unsure, but typically usually between $3 – $7

Mochi is actually a staple in my house anyway, so while I was in the Japan quarter, I needed to grab some. Especially as I’ve never seen these flavours at any of my local Asian supermarkets. The best way I can describe it to you non Mochi eaters, is that it’s a gummy powdery sweet, filled with a bean paste/ juice in the middle. Traditionally these are filled with a sweet red bean paste but is available in other flavours too. I personally prefer this as an ice cream, but I didn’t have a freezer in my room! Haha








Hollywood Studios



Toy Story Alien Bucket Hollywood Studios Disney Snack


Toy Story Alien Popcorn Bucket
Where: Cart on the way to Toy Story Land
Price: $25 , $2 refills.

Okay, before you judge me on why I paid so much for this popcorn snack, hear me out. I needed it.

Admittedly I bought this more for the design than the actual popcorn. I’d seen people with it while walking around the parks, hung off them like a bag and I decided I wanted one too. I love the little Aliens from Toy Story and I started thinking of ways I could use this in the future. He is now a full fledged design piece in my bedroom.

I got this on second to last day, so I never managed to refill. But I did have to justify my purchase to my boyfriend (which is why I know it’s $2 to refill!) #noregrets




Made it this far? Stick with me, just Disney Springs and Resort Snacks left! I told you, I am a snack-a-holic!


Disney Springs


Ghirardelli Chocolate Disney Springs Disney Snack

Ghirardelli Gold Gift Box
Where: Ghirardelli Shop
Price: (Guestimate) $15.99

These are my favourite chocolates in the whole world, honestly! I’ve only ever seen them associated with Disney so I always make sure to grab some when I can. The Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice one is seasonal but oh my god, it’s the BEST. Raspberry comes in with a close second. They had several gift box options for a set price. It was around $15-17 dollars, but I paid with a gift card and said “no thanks” to the receipt, I’m sorry! The tin is definitely smaller than an A5 notebook, but you can fit around 16-19 (depending how good you pack!) chocolates in there.

I had good intentions to share this one with others but ultimately, as I grabbed it at the start of the trip… “one can’t hurt” turned in to daily thing and became more than one… oops!



Aristocrepes Review Disney Springs Disney Snack Aristocrepes
Where: Just located next to the Boardwalk bridge
S’mores Crepe: $6.99
Drink: $9.80
Cup:  $14

I need to shout it from the roof tops that I got conned in to purchasing this cup! I asked for the slushy which was listed as $9.80 and when I said “why the cup?” when he served it to me. He then said “oh it’s the same price!” when it came to the total I was shook (maybe the point of the cup?) You could definitely purchase the slushy separately but I just paid anyway to avoid a fuss and sat down and looked at my receipt. Hello! I did not ask for this damn cup!? The slushy its self was so sour and disgusting too! Disappointingly I chucked it away (but kept the cup) in the end. I also opted for the S’mores crepe. It was my first time trying S’mores and it was nice but I er, don’t get the hype (sorry!) The cup glows in the dark. It’s a small compensation.


Resort & Walmart Snacks

Rice Crispy Snack Disney Snack


Mummy Rice Crispy Cake
Where: Art of Animation Resort / Any resort with a gift shop
Price: $5 exactly.

I purchased this little buddy a total of 4 times through out my stay. It was so good! A creamy marshmallow rice crispy cake topped in white chocolate. I know this is Halloween themed but I definitely think they have these year around in different shapes. I don’t know why I loved it so much, but I did. Should of brought this snack home…Damn.






American Food Haul Disney Snack

Hot Cheeto's American food haul Disney Snack

Last but not least, my Walmart Snack Haul!

Is it a trip to America if you don’t go mad in a Walmart? Not for me it isn’t! Spicy Cheetos are my absolute go to, you can’t get this version in the UK!

I first tried the M&M’s back in 2016 and was addicted. You couldn’t get them in the UK when I went, but upon my return, I’ve found that they’ve made their way over! I’m still snacking on these bad boys.

As for the Oreo’s, I did originally ask for Pumpkin Spice Flavour (because you know, America is big on this in the autumn) but the guy had trouble understanding my accent and I had to repeat it 4 times, only to discover they had sold out anyway! Boo! These were quite delicious though, I never finished them before they went stale but they were ridiculously moreish and I’m going to grab more when I go back to America, whenever that may be!

P.S. I did grab more food while there but those we’re gifts so I haven’t listed it here, as I didn’t eat them!



That concludes my mammoth snack post! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you’ve reached the end, THANK YOU!

Have you tried any of these? Did I miss any vital snacks off my list? Let me know!


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  1. I really loved this article! So many options–so little time! They all look really delicious! My faves have got to be the Mummy Rice Crispy Cakes, Toy Story Alien Popcorn Bucket (so cute!), the Elephant Ear Pastry and Minnie’s Cookie Dough Sundae (love the ears!). It’s nice to read about what they serve at Disney, I don’t hear often about it!

    Trace x | https://www.thefashioncollector.com

  2. WOW. This was such a comprehensive post and I love it! The Loaded Corndog Nuggets sound like my absolute dream. I’ve only have corndogs a couple of times (And only tried them last year, so quite similar to you) but I like them and I LOVE loaded anything so they sound ideal! Also I would love to know how the woman made the blueberry boba jump!

    Jas xx

    • kirstindalton says:

      Thank you Jasmine!
      I am also a super fan of anything food thats classified as “loaded” 🤤 haha
      I still don’t know what made it jump but it was tasty!

  3. Great post! I’m a huge fan of Walt Disney World and snacking! I’m going to be saving this post for my trip in January. Excited to try some of these!

    • kirstindalton says:

      Thanks so much!
      I hope you get to try a few!
      I understand that they might have rice crispy Christmas trees instead for your time there!

  4. ceritaiwan says:

    Thanks for your recommendation, i love it so much. I have put at my must to try list

    • kirstindalton says:

      Thanks so much!
      I checked out your blog too and it wont allow me to comment on any posts, but your recent trip looks beautiful and worth the 3am hike!

  5. Ohhhh wow! The BEST post I’ve read all day! You’ve made me super duper hungry! … and I was meant to be on a diet, oh well 🙊🤪

    Ashleigh – ashleighsmoments.com

    • kirstindalton says:

      Haha, thank you!
      My diet definitely went out the window too for this trip.
      It’s impossible to diet in Disney! (plus, who would want to?)

  6. I tried all of these when I went too and totally agree with you on all but one- the corn dog nuggets! I really wasn’t a fan, I got mine from Casey’s corner too! Really wanted to like them but they weren’t for me!

    • kirstindalton says:

      I completely understand why you don’t like them! Haha, they did get quite sickly!

  7. Mint Miller says:

    Yum! I only wish I lived near Disney. But some of these are going on the bucket list!

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