NyhavnRecently I went to Copenhagen for the day. My Partner is currently off gallivanting Hong Kong and Japan with his family, so I’ve had two weekends free and have been browsing nonstop for cheap deals!

Honestly, if anyone ever asked me my hobbies or what I spend most of my time doing, I would say:

  1. Browsing Skyscanner
  2. Eating
  3. Complaining I’m tired
  4. This blog
  5. Actual travelling



*Tip* If you want to do a day trip from your closest airport, always have a look for Sunday’s, they seem to be cheaper and that’s what I do! 

Here is a look at what I got up to on a tight schedule and a complete time breakdown  how I managed to see most of what Copenhagen has to over!

Flight: 6:05am

After waking up at an unholy hour (4am) I was reminiscing on how I used to do this every day when I worked at the airport. I’m usually really nervous for my first flight out and this was no exception. Confession, I’ve never ever had a window seat! I always opt for the aisle seat (or given one, I never pay for extra!!) because then I can pretend I’m on a bumpy train. This flight, I decided to conquer that little fear and can I just say… Wow. We are so small and the world is so beautiful!

Arrival: 9:05am.

After arriving, Google maps told me to get bus 029. The ticket lady told me that this was a common misconception with travellers and that you must catch a train, any train from Track 2 takes you to the central station which is the centre of Copenhagen. A single ticket is only available 1 hour after you purchase and this cost me 36DK (around £4.20)  I got the train towards Nivå and it was 2 stops and around 15 minutes transit time.

Copenhagen Central Station: 09.59am
Weather: Freezing heavy rain
Situation: No umbrella and shops do not open until 11am.
Solution?: Embrace it or search for an umbrella?
Conclusion: Both.

Nyhavn : 10:41am
Weather: Rain has stopped just when I found an umbrella. Typical!

Nyhavn is beautiful and pictures really do not do it justice! No entry requirements, just a beautiful street. Draped in fairy lights, pirate like boats docked and no tourists, it was the perfect time to just sink in where I really was. Two ladies saw me struggling with a makeshift tripod (handbag and umbrella balancing) and helped me take some photos. After walking up and down the street, I bumped in to a local called Paul (literally bumped in to him) who took me for a tea and told me about his life!

*Note: Any time there is gaps in timing I am just wandering around with no plan, hopping in to little side streets or hidden courtyards*


Stumble upon Fredericks Kirke. I’d paid no attention on my map so when I was walking down the street and to my left I see this, I actually gasped! I didn’t go in because now that I think about it, it didn’t occur to me at the time! But it is free to go in.


Making my way to The Little Mermaid, I get distracted by a castle and a beautiful autumnal park called Kastellet (it looks like a star on Google maps) There is an up hill path that you can walk around and see all the views of Copenhagen and the brick red houses in the middle.


After walking around Kastellet for almost an hour (You have to walk half way around to get down) I made my way towards the mermaid, stopping at Gefion Fountain, the goddess of farming.

The little mermaid – 13:15pm

Finally made my way to the Little Mermaid and it literally is obvious what it is, it’s a bronze statue but beautiful none the less. I made my way through the tourists and when they were all gone a lady offered to take my photo on the premise of “you look like you’re solo, let me help you!” (the bonus of travelling solo, people are so friendly!!)

Rundetaarn – 14.10pm

After a really long scenic walk passing through Kongens Have park getting distracted with dogs, Christmas displays (Copenhagen are definitely getting ready for it), side streets and quirky houses, I was trying to make it to the Round Tower to see the view before it got dark! Success! Because it was out of season there was no queue and I ventured up the Round Tower (there is no stairs at all by the way!) for just 25DK (£3)


Time for a world famous DØP hotdog just outside the Round Tower. My food choices are usually heavily vegetarian but when I’m in a different country I like to try the original and classic versions of dishes and this hot dog was no different. Boasting healthy and organic versions of the original street food, I opted for the most popular and original “Ristet Hotdog” – (or “roasted hotdog in English) with every thing on top. So that is: Mustard, Ketchup, Remoulade (Aioli), fried onions, fresh onions and pickles in a brown organic bun. It was amazing! but I washed my hands 4 times and I could still smell the pickle haha.

15.30pm – 16.45pm

I’m not usually a shopper but when I saw Sephora, I had to have a look. I spent a good chunk of time trying to decide if several branded eye shadow pallets were worth a chunk of £55. I left empty handed and bought a £3 magnet along the way instead. Sigh.

*Tip* Always work out what £5, $5 or €5 (or whatever equivalent you have). This is essential when you are about to enter a country where you’re not familiar with currency. It makes it easier to work out how much things cost in your currency, especially if you’re on a budget. Example: £5 = 42.62 Danish Krone. Makeup Pallet Cost: 468.80 DK = £55.

17:00pm – Tivoli Gardens

Making my way to Tivoli Gardens (which is right next to the train station) to discover it is closed for Christmas refurbishment! Nooo! I was so gutted about this. By this point I’d walked around 9 miles and I was kind of done for the day, so I took a train back to Copenhagen airport (same price again) and sat in the airport for my 8pm flight home. The plane was delayed by an hour (made up some time in the end and was only 30 minutes late) and was in bed by 11:15pm!

That’s my full day in Copenhagen! I really enjoyed it there and definitely want to head back again in Winter.

Have you ever done a day trip in Europe?


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6 responses to “COPENHAGEN IN A DAY”

  1. I LITERALLY DID YHIS DAY TRIP THIS WEEKEND! Copenhagen is definitely do-able in a day! So glad you didn’t purchase that palette – more money for more day trips!

    Char xo |

    • kirstindalton says:

      !! I feel like it wasn’t enough at ALL. I think I need to go back for a full on weekend instead! Lets go?!

  2. Oh my gosh. Honestly, it looks beautiful. I would love to visit when I get the chance Xx

    • kirstindalton says:

      It truly was, even in the rain! I’d recommend. Definitely one of my favourite places :)!

  3. I have always wanted to travel to a different country just for a day, it seems like you had an amazing day – it’s a shame the weather wasn’t too great for you. I plan to add this to my bucket list for 2019 and hope I can cram as much in as you did!

    • kirstindalton says:

      Honestly I 100% recommend this! If there is an airport near you just keep having a look on Skyscanner for “everywhere” and see what pops up!

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