Cricklade House Hotel

The Hotel Hunt

Just on the edge of the Cotswolds (20 minutes drive) in chilly England, lies a secret hotel which is hidden in a side road and up a long drive. Cricklade House Hotel.

My partner and I recently stayed here after a frantic last minute search on Thursday night (we were going Saturday morning).

After Airbnb hiked up their prices to over £130 I decided to try where I found Cricklade House Hotel for £71.10. A little out of budget for one night but the only one available at this kinda price and near to where we wanted! It stated it was a Garden room, not attached to the main house so we were a bit unsure what to expect but we decided to give it a shot and off we went on Saturday morning.

Cricklade House Hotel

The Hotel

After exploring all day, we came to the hotel in the late afternoon and checked in. I was signed in by someone new, so it was a little bit fumbly but every one was so helpful and we got to our Garden room.

We’d seen the reviews of people moaning and saying that the hotel was a little dated but I personally like that. I also wouldn’t say dated, I’d say perfect English country charm!

Cricklade House Hotel

Exploring the grounds

After exploring all the nooks and crannies of our room, opening every single draw (why do we do that by the way?? anyone else??) as well as jumping on the bed to decide the comfy status; we decided it was the comfiest bed we’ve ever experienced!

After exploring all the nooks and crannies of our room (for fun) including opening every single draw too (does anyone else do this?) We decided to test the comfy status of the bed and had a little jump on it in our socks! In conclusion, it was the comfiest bed we’ve ever experienced haha! The room was perfectly clean too. Next up, exploring outside!

The hotel is overlooking a golf course (which you can hire equipment by the way) so the view was overlooking that with beautiful autumn trees and hills in the distance. We found out way too late that they offer afternoon teas there! so it would be the perfect opportunity to have that on a sunny Sunday afternoon. This is where advanced research benefits you but I am far too often just winging it.

Cricklade House Hotel

On our little explore we discovered in addition to the golf course, Cricklade House Hotel also has a swimming pool, gym and tennis courts! If we were staying longer, we would of definitely tried two out of 3 of these.

There was a wedding taking place on the Sunday so it was only us + the wedding party staying! We had a peak through the windows and it looked beautiful!

Cricklade House Hotel

The Food

It was super windy and cold so we decided to go back to our room, look at the menu and order room service. Can I just tell you that admittedly I have never done that before?! but it was so worth it. Although the main restaurant was lacking a little in vegetarian options. They also had a set menu but the menu that was provided in the room was so much better. I think it counts as “bar food” but the onion rings (!!!!) amazing and the meal was worth the money. I had fajitas + fries and my partner had fish & chips.

In total I paid £91 for my stay there (with room service charge and food for two people). This price completely beats the Airbnb 1 night options.

Cricklade House Hotel

After reluctantly leaving our bed on the Sunday morning, we decided to explore the near by town of Cricklade (a couple of minutes walk away) before heading off.

The verdict?

I’d honestly give this hotel a 4 out of 5.
Only a point less because of the in-house restaurant menu. Perhaps not a regular menu, but a menu set in place for the Wedding taking place (to save time?)

Cricklade House Hotel

I hope you enjoyed this one off hotel review of Cricklade House! I typically do not review hotels but found this hotel unique and enjoyable and wanted to shout about it!

Let me know if you would like more honest hotel reviews like this one!

This post was not sponsored, gifted or an advertisement and all opinions and experiences are my own. 


  1. What a cute place to stay!

  2. Ashley Firth says:

    What a beautiful hotel, it looks so picturesque- thank you for including such lovely photographs 🙂

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