I know I know… It has been a really long time. I can only apologise and tell you i’ll do better. Which is the truth. If you are reading this, then it is Sunday the 4th February and a lot has happened since writing this post. I have become quite particular in how I do things, I get out of bed at 15, 30 or 45 past the hour, TV Volume has to be on multiples of 5; that sort of thing, you get it. So lets get right to it, shall we?


A special day indeed, it was my birthday! This year I turned 26 and was greeted with an abundance of love and gifts from my friends and family. Not to mention a complete surprise trip given to me from my other half! The whole weekend was a surprise and I hopped in that car not knowing anything other than “you do not need your passport, but pack an overnight bag.” I get giddy every time I think about it, who doesn’t love a surprise trip completely not organised by yourself?

We had a late start (god, why am I so lazy? I wish I didn’t love my bed so much) and arrived at our first stop for the weekend, Oxford.

Our first stop was on top of a little church. We paid £2.80 each and got the most beautiful view(first photo) There were quite a few thin stairwells with lots of steps but the views on top are always worth it. Due to it being really cold, I think the last place people wanted to be was higher up, so we had the full experience to ourselves!

After a few hours of wandering around, food became our priority. Of course, we couldn’t decide but I wanted to stay away from big chains and try a few little local businesses. We stopped off at Ben’s Cookies in the under cover market while we couldn’t decide and tried the chocolate orange cookie. I can honestly say these are the best cookies I have ever eaten! We later went back for a tin, so I fully recommend! After this we stumbled across a little pie and mash shop called Pieminister and it was perfect. We opted for the Pie & One Side (£7) and I went for the veggie Wild Shroom, mash and crispy shallots on top. Just writing this out has made me crave it again.

With out bellies full we continued exploring before heading off to our secluded Airbnb for the night.

The next day and final part of my surprise, we drove to a little town in the Cotswold’s. We had the most relaxed day and we sheltered from the cold in the tiniest little pub where they gave me my weight in cheese for my ploughman’s lunch! We ended up leaving quite early and heading home because it became quite over whelming with tourists!

That concludes my little adventure to Oxford. I am really enjoying exploring more of England like this. With summer a few months away I can finally get out the tent again. Do you have any recommendations on cities to see this year? I would love to hear them!


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