Bath Abbey This post contains an AD for a gifted Bath Bag from Paper Bag Co.

Beautiful Bath. One of the few places in England where you can feel like you’re in a Jane Austen novel and equally take a glimpse way in to the past and discover more about how the Romans lived.
There is much more to this little city than meets the eye but I don’t want to chat your ear off, so I’ve created this Bite Size Guide to Bath instead. So what exactly can you do there if you’re visiting for the first time?

Bath Abbey

Built in 1572, the Bath Abbey is the perfect place to start your historical trip around the town. Known for being the “peoples church” there is a variety of people from all walks of life buried and remembered here. There is a family of known plumbers here as well as the rich and famous through out history. Take a walk through and admire the decorative fan ceiling or take a stroll up and take in the views! The Abbey is still active to this day, so if you are visiting on religious holidays, please be mindful.

Roman Baths and Bridge Views

Roman Baths

Located right in the heart of the City is the Roman Baths (right next to the Abbey) For £20 you can jump back in time and access history and see how those Romans really lived. There are a lot of displays of artefacts, interactive exhibitions, building models, a guided audio tour, visit the the sacred spring too and finally, you might even bump in to a Roman. Who apparently likes to chat a lot! Keep your bikini’s at home though people because unfortunately you cannot swim or bathe in this one. There is a spa that you can soak in though around the corner, which is the modern Thermae Spa. There is an option to buy a joint ticket at the Baths if you do wish to soak your worries away.


The Jane Austen Centre

I know I said it feels like a Jane Austen novel but did you know that she actually lived there in 1801? Now there is a whole museum dedicated to her that you can visit to really get stuck in! (£12 Adult Entry) You can get an idea what she was  really like and experience Bath as she saw it. You can even get dressed up in period costume and pretend to be Elizabeth Bennet (including a photoshoot) which is pretty fancy (or Mr Darcy! Whatever floats your boat)

Parade Gardens

For just £2 you can take a walk along these beautiful gardens. It’s not too far from Pulteney bridge and you have a great spot to grab a photo too! Decorated with flowers and really taken care of (hence the charge) this is such a nice spot to just sit down, take in the views and have a break. I always end up stopping here for around 45 minutes and taking a really slow walk around. It’s truly beautiful to look at.


Pulteney Bridge

One of the most beautiful and top photo spots of Bath and it’s very easy to see why. Built in 1744, it is one of the few bridges which is decorated with shops! Scattered all along road side, is small independent business (and I mean small) along the narrow, single lane road. Luckily this top photo spot is never too crowded, so you are alwaysh guaranteed to get your shot. You can also take a boat trip from here to Bathampton! My friend has written more about this if you’re interested! (click here) 

Pulteney Bridge Bath

The Holbourne Museum

A place I stumbled upon by accident but an absolute treasure trove of random things from all over the world! Decorated as a bright yellow house, it’s impossible to miss. The price to go in is Free to go in, so great if you’re on a budget!

Royal Cresent

Some might say it’s an iconic landmark, others will say it’s literally a row of posh houses… but I’d say, it’s worth a visit if you’re a movie lover! Lots of period dramas feature this row of houses so it’s quite a surreal experience to see it for real. It’s also a good photo opportunity too!


Not only are there a lot of your usual shops here but there are also a lot of independent businesses here too. From homemade crafts to soaps, Bath really does have whatever it is you’re looking for. From quirky to practical, I’d recommend having a look and getting lost through the streets.

The Bath Bag

Bath Themed Canvas Bag

Recently I was given the opportunity to pick from a selection of bags to keep and I opted for the Bath one (obviously!).There are some other great options for places in England but I either haven’t been to them or preferred Bath. I was not obliged to post but I wanted to because it’s so pretty and I’m actually using it daily! Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Bath to pretend I was a model influencer, so I took it to the beach instead!

Bath Themed Canvas Bag

The past couple of months I have really been trying to cut down on the amount of plastic I use, so this bag was perfect. Sturdy and made from canvas material, it was ideal to chuck everything in for our picnic at the beach. I use it daily to carry my lunch to work or even to the supermarket. Although the website I’ve linked you to at the start of the article looks like a wholesalers, they do have individual bags like my one above for around £10, so please pop them a message if you are interested!

That concludes my guide to Bath! Have you ever been?


This bag was gifted to me but all opinions and photos are my own.


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  1. jerserry says:

    Wow! Bath look so beautiful 😍 looking through all the beautiful pictures and the old building is such a heaven! 💕

  2. Lucy says:

    Bath is definitely a place I shall be aiming to visit this Summer, it’s such a beautiful place! Your photo’s are amazing as well, a lovely post! xx

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  3. elenxmai says:

    Ooh I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to go to Bath! I went in primary school but haven’t been back since and really want to. The bag is super cute too – I love the illustrative style! xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

  4. RealNess says:

    I’ve debated about Bath before. My cousin studied there and my aunt said it was lovely. I’ve hardly done any UK city breaks so I’d look at this as a potential weekend away!

    Vanessa | therealnessonline.com | x

    • kirstindalton says:

      I’d definitely recommend it!
      I’d say Bath is good for a weekend. Any more and you might struggle 🙂

  5. I don’t live to far away from bath yet it is somewhere where I have never visited! Great read x

  6. Sarah says:

    That’s the city I currently live and the pics are a perfect reflection of what it’s like! So pretty!

  7. Bath is one of my favourite places. These photos are amazing!!

  8. sundaydahlias says:

    Wow so beautiful! I’d love to visit the Jane Austen centre!!


  9. Britt K says:

    The architecture here is so incredible, we don’t have anything quite like this that I know about here. I would love to go check out England as a whole, but specifically Bath after reading this.

    • kirstindalton says:

      Ah, that’s a shame! I hope you do make it to England one day. We are definitely not short on old buildings haha.
      Where are you from?

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