Tuesday 27th September

On Tuesday we head on over to Animal Kingdom. This park wasn’t a priority on our list of things to do but I am so glad we went. Avoiding Sea World like it was the plague and having seen Blackfish I silently worried that this park would be full of horrors also. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t! We first went to queue for the Safari. We decided it would be better to go in the morning before it got too hot and the animals started to be less active. Originally saying 20 minutes, I think we waited up to 2 hours and I got a bit of an unlucky seat. All the animals were on the other side of the van and I had to view them through someones camera (but that’s life) and I did enjoy it.

One of my favourite things about Disney is their detail! These were some of my favourite parts of the park.

We spent maybe half the day here (after my character meet with Baloo from Jungle Book) before it got too hot and we called it a day. We actually got back to our hotel room just in time as the craziest storm began.

Before the sun started to set and the storm had long passed, we went back to the Magic Kingdom (and did the Buzz lightyear ride for the 3rd time) and enjoyed a few rides before Wishes. We actually spent quite a lot of the time walking around and speaking to staff. I had become addicted to Pin Trading (more on that later!) and spoke to a gentleman about it and he actually gave me secrets of how to get the best experience in Magic Kingdom, including seeing Wishes. (Nothing exciting for you guys, It was where to stand, best time to get to Mickeys party, where you can get rare pins from ETC..)

This was honestly one of the highlights of my trip. I couldn’t believe I was actually there. I’d been watching it on Youtube for years. Did I cry? Of course I did!!
It was honestly a dream come true. I didn’t take hardly any photos because I wanted to just be there in the moment enjoying it.

Wednesday 28th
By this day I was already sulking that my time was almost up and saying “I don’t want to go home!” (like the child I am)

We went back to Epcot and did some rides that we hadn’t even noticed before. (Finding Nemo, Figment ride and educating rides) My favourite ride not actually being a ride but 4D Cinema experiences! but mostly we went back to appreciate the Food and Wine festival.

This was the nicest Vegan Greek Taco I have ever tried! Haha. We also went back to “Japan” and I got so much Mochi I didn’t know what to do with myself! We spent all day here and rolled back to our hotel completely stuffed.

That’s all for this week. These two days don’t look like much when you write it down but they were jam packed! Stay tuned for next weeks post all about Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, Playing Grown up and a final goodbye splurge in Disney Springs.


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