A warm welcome!

Hello and a welcome to my blog. I thought I’d kick this off with a (old) selfie in a hotel room! how suitable, right? 

For those who don’t know who I am and didn’t follow this link through my Facebook page, my name is Kirstin and I like to travel. Most importantly I like to pay for my travel as cheap as I can possibly get it. 
On this blog I am going to be sharing my travels with you, so what I did, probably what I ate and bits and bobs from my daily life. 

My current preferred method of travelling is in short bursts of when I can and how much I can afford. Usually from one night to four nights. I spend hours thinking about it and looking on various websites to get the cheapest deals.

I only started travelling outside of England properly at age 19 with my first stop being Paris. (disclaimer: I previously experienced *just* Disney Land Paris at 16 but didn’t really explore outside of those happy walls) and my first proper time being on a plane for more than 20 minutes (those 20 minutes were to Jersey in the UK) was to New York City. I am still a little bit terrified of flying but I am very slowly getting there!


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