If you read my previous post, you would know that I head over to Nice for the day. I used Sky Scanner and checked out if a cheap day trip was possible and it was! I paid £86 and flew with British Airways from Heathrow to Nice at 7.30am and the flight home was 9.30pm. It was a rather successful day trip and Nice is SO beautiful.

My first stop of the day was a little hike up Castle Hill. You can catch a train up there (which I did later on) for €10 but I’d advise walking up. There is lots of beautiful stops on the way, including a grave yard, waterfall and the view from all sides.

It was so hot on this day, I really was not expecting it. (maybe why I look miserable in the photo above?)

It was lovely wondering around the hill with buskers, the distant sound of a waterfall, tourists quietly chattering and a beautiful view. A little fact about Nice that I found funny was that every day at 12pm a cannon goes off (please note: this was not funny at the time, I actually got really scared!) I later found out that this was a tradition from 1861 because a gentleman’s wife was always late home for preparing lunch!

After reluctantly moving away from Castle Hill, I decided that it was time to explore Old Town. As it was Sunday, all the main high street shops were closed. There was also a little food market but that was closing as I arrived. It was both good and bad that shops were closed, this allowed me to explore sights freely without being over whelmed with tourists.

After spending my day walking around non stop, I then found out there was a Russian Church. I then decided to head in that direction for a little shelter from the day.

I had one of those moments in the church where it was so surreal. I thought to myself, If you had told me 5 years ago I would of taken a plane to France last minute by myself and be sitting alone in the middle of a Russian Church on a summers day, I would of laughed in your face.

I spent a grand total of 25 Euros while on this trip, which was unintentional. This included lunch, the little train ride and my bus ticket. I walked a LOT this day (my health app says around 14 miles!) and was an eye opening experience. I have since kept an eye out for day trip prices on SkyScanner on a regular basis.. There really are some good deals if you want to see a city quickly; especially those cities that people say you don’t need to see for more than a weekend. So who knows where my next day trip will be.

Have you taken any solo day trips recently? let me know.


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