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Around a month or two ago, I realised that camping was no longer on the agenda now that autumn was rolling around so I decided to do 48 hours in Bergen. I decided that it has been a while since I’ve done a Friday – Sunday evening Europe trip (camping too much!).

Having used up all my work holiday allowance, this was my only chance to sneak in a little get away.
View Of Bergen Norway

The Arrival

After using Skyscanner religiously (guys, can you sponsor me yet? honestly!!) I found a few relatively cheap flights to Bergen. I booked a little place that was a mix between a hostel/apartment but it was perfect because I had no plans of staying in it until I slept.

My plane was delayed, but the hotel accommodated us anyway. All we needed to do was to walk through a Heavy Metal bar next door and collect the key… perfect! My boyfriend who I was with has never seen any part of Europe and this was his first experience. I came out of the bar laughing, he came out looking a little shocked.

Bergen Norway Day 1

Waking up to a very cold and wet Bergen, we adventured outside to get lost around town. It was quite early when we managed to get up and out so the roads were empty and we walked straight to Bryggen (pictured above)

Although I visited most tourist attractions, I later realised after doing them all that there is a city card which enables you to have free entry for most of these attractions, if not discounted in other places including: discounted museum tickets, restaurants and free travel on trains. These cards are from 24 hours, 48 and 72. I would seriously recommend getting this as it is around 240 NOK (around £23) and it’ll save you a lot of money.

The rumours are true, Norway is a little expensive – but don’t let that put you off!
Bergen Norway Houses

Ride The Fløibanen!

One of the biggest highlights of my trip was the Fløibanen (90 NOK return – £8) so much so that I did it twice. Once during the day and once at night time. It was quite busy, however the train leaves every 10 minutes during the day. In the evening it leaves around every 30 minutes and was so empty that we had the train to ourselves going up. Personally I thought the view was a lot more magical in the evening. There is a restaurant at the top which would be beautiful to dine in at sunset.
Bergen Norway Food and View


Making our way back to Bryggen, this quaint little place is full of independent shops. Behind the main shop front, there is a few hidden restaurants and pubs that you need to climb quite steep stairs for. I did see a large tour groups around Bryggen. So if tours are something you are interested in, this might be worth checking out. I only speak a little German but from what I understand it was a Historical tour and sounded quite interesting! (I should also mention there is definitely tours in other languages too!)

Just a short walk away is also the Bergenhus Fortress which is worth a little look at. I did head over to the fish market as well but I think this is a new attraction and I did not find it anything special. There was a mixture of restaurants inside, but it was very busy.

If you like seafood then I think the locals would definitely recommend this to you.
Bergen Norway

The Bar/Food Scene

The atmosphere in Bergen on a Friday and Saturday night are quite lively. There is a lot of pubs, a few street performers (depending on what time of year you go) and places to sit outside. Bergen also surprised me with the food scene.

It is a lot easier than expected to eat Vegetarian and Vegan there and one place I recommend is Kafe Spesial (Address: Christies Gate 13) they really were not lying when they say they do the best pizza!
Bergen Norway Houses

That concludes my little weekend away. Short and sweet. It was really magical wondering around the hidden streets, looking at the houses.

I would really recommend Bergen. It is a beautiful town, however I think if you were to pay a visit definitely head over in warmer weather and maybe a few extra days so you can properly explore the surrounding area.


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