Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or affiliated; I was given this opportunity through my previous work place and my mentorship experience.
Carrying 6,549,703 passengers alone in March 2018 (source: Here) easyJet invited me over to their Luton head office to have a look behind the scenes and experience what it is like in the day of someone who works for them. Walking around their offices and even experiencing a little bit of cabin crew training, I went in there with an open mind and came out with eased flight anxiety and comfort that easyJet really truly care about all of their 12,000 staff members (that just keeps growing) and every single person who chooses to fly with them.

With just a couple of hours in their company, I was able to see how much work goes behind every single flight that takes off and lands. From the staff rota spread out between a large office (which fyi, is a bright orange airport hangar) to speaking to the team who put together that magazine in the back of your seat on every flight (does anyone else collect those? Nope? Just me then!!), It was really fun to learn and find out a little bit more of the company and what they have been up to. I also got to sneak a peek at the new in-flight chairs which are releasing soon that I actually cannot wait to experience first-hand!

I also had a look at the cabin crew training that the team experience (it is a lot!) to make sure that they have everything under control and your safety is a #1 priority. On their first day of training, you are placed straight in a swimming pool to simulate landing on water. Intense!! Practising an emergency in a flight simulator was the highlight of my day. I got to sit in a front row plane seat (which is almost to size!) and run through the cross checks that the crew have to do even before you take off. The simulator was learning how to open the doors, what to do in a fire (should it ever happen, which statistics say very unlikely) and even getting the chance to go down the evacuation slide (which is so fast that I fell off the end of it!!)

I managed to talk to the cabin crew management and others throughout my time there and it really truthfully did ease my flight anxiety a lot. Especially learning simple things on how to open the door in an emergency (that door weighs 20kg by the way!) They also informed me that they do a nervous fliers course to help get rid of that final ounce of fear here which I did not know about and will definitely consider doing myself!

As someone who flies budget airlines quite a lot, easyJet is one of my go-to choices, even more so now I know what goes on behind the scenes. This article was a little different to what I usually write about but I wanted you guys to also have a sneak peek behind the scenes of a team who you no doubt fly with too. I guess it is in my nosey nature that I was really curious to see and when the opportunity was offered to me, I could not say yes fast enough! I hope you enjoyed this little one off article!

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