(...Continuing on from my previous post, I had just left you at the Walk of Fame and a night in our Airbnb)
The next day, Amy had to work again but I decided to be a little hermit and enjoy the Airbnb thoroughly by staying in until she finished at 3pm again. I am super grateful for these days honestly. No one needs a burn out when you're on a trip.
When Amy was done, we head on over to the Hollywood Sign. I was quite lucky and I could see it from my Airbnb window but I wanted to see the view from the Griffith Observatory.

Also stopping off at Hollywood Forever Cemetery...

I was quite surprised at the cemetery and I can definitely see why it is a tourist attraction. You may think it is morbid but not only is the place full of grand grave stones and mini stone grave houses, it is full of colour. I have never seen anything like it. Not to mention there are so many little wild cats just chilling out there! I tried to approach a few, it didn't work. The crazy cat lady in me was not happy with this!

We decided I would also do the most American day possible before heading to our other Airbnb in Garden Cove. Every restaurant or specific shop you associate with America, I did. My favourites being Walmart and IHop! Such. Sugary. Goodness.

After a short drive, we checked in to our Disney Themed Airbnb in Garden Cove. We wanted to check out the beach front and the town around it. I can honestly say beach front towns in America are soo different to the UK. We have a few arcades but they have beautiful food markets, an abundance of restaurants and surf shops. I don't recall seeing an arcade in sight! We just managed to catch the sunset at the local beach and these ended up being my favourite photos from the trip.

After running as fast as I could across the sand, with a bright red face and pretty sure I was flashing my knickers at one point... we fully enjoyed the sunset and took as many photos as we could. We wanted to wait until it was dark to fully explore the area any way.

After entering the town, we were greeted with a crazy food market and the best little local band I have ever heard. In that moment I was smiling ear to ear. One of the most memorable moments of my trip!

The next day was Disney. I am not popping photos here because you have already seen it (check out my guide here) it was a great laugh though and of course it still remains my favourite place to be.
Back to reality and back to L.A the following day, we explored the mountains, chilled out in cafes while Amy did some work and I planned some blog posts and explored Echo Park.

Wrapping up my trip, saying goodbye to the people there, seeing and eating a few things before I left, I was not happy to be going home! My time in L.A was either chilling out completely or being busy exploring! No in between, just the way I like it and just what I needed. My last hours there were spent in Santa Monica pier, photo booths and watching a local band of kids play Metallica.

We drove to the Airport with the windows down, sunroof open screaming along to anything which came on the radio. Perfect ending to a last minute unplanned trip.
Have you ever been to L.A? Did you enjoy it? Usually the responses are 50/50. Let me know! :)
I have one more post relating to L.A that you should keep an eye out for. It's worth it!

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