Chinese New Year! What better way to spend celebrating than going to Central London’s very own China Town and ticking off a food destination I have wanted to try for ages?! As the Luna New Year rolled round, my partner and I decided to spend the celebrations in China town. Ideally China would have been a lot more ideal but y’know… sometimes life doesn’t work that way! I had seen Bubblewrap on Instagram almost daily and walked past it several times in the past. The queue or the weather always put me off but this time I decided to go there and get it done. I make it sound like a chore but honestly I was really excited to try it.

Heading in to China Town and soaking up the atmosphere of the dancing Dragons and crowds, we made our first stop Bubblewrap. Admittedly I didn’t Google what the shop looked like and its simple shop signage threw me off completely and we did get a little lost trying to find it. When we eventually got there, there was a queue, however we waited no more than 10 minutes. I cannot say the same for when I left! I had to squeeze out of the door, fearing all my Instagram foodie dreams would collapse with a simple over eager foodie trying to order.

Once inside they have either a set menu or a create your own bubble waffle. I went with the set menu, Oreo Crunch. This was strawberry cheese cake, Oreos and salted caramel Sauce! If I was dessert, I think this would be me entirely. However, if sweet is not your taste they do have a breakfast waffle which is the "Avocado Egg", which is self explanatory really. All set menu items are priced at £6.99 per waffle.

So, why is the shop based in China town? My partner told me this is a traditional dish in Hong Kong except they keep the waffle plain and this shop has catered to the western market. I am always a little sceptical of places that look really good on Instagram because they might just be all looks but Bubblewrap really lived up to the expectations! Definitely go and try it if you can. Even if the weather is rain or snow!

Have you tried Bubblewrap? Do you like these food reviews? I think I will try and bring them more on to my blog! Let me know what you think!

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