Without going too off topic here, L.A has not been in the good books of every one recently has it? Many truly awful things have been coming to light and the bad reputation it had any way... Any one else also think of demonic Hollywood ghosts coming to haunt your hotel room as well? no? just me then.

When I hopped on a plane back in October (by myself might I add) I really wanted to just enjoy my time there and not focus too much on getting content. The cold weather had already started in England and I just really wanted to be warm. A little earlier on, late August my friend Amy came to England to celebrate her birthday, we had a little to drink and got talking about how I've never been to L.A. I had 10 days off coming up in October and of course, I whipped out Skyscanner. The rest is history! I have to say though, I got a really good deal that night. I think I paid £350 in total with Norwegian Airlines with no stop over! Complete bargain and I am glad I snapped it up. A massive thank you to Amy who let me stay with her. Cutting down my costs and no need for a hotel.

After arriving quite late in the afternoon and feeling a little jet lagged, we decided to chill out, get some food in the most American Sports Bar I have ever seen and leave first thing in the morning to explore. Our first stop of the day was Echo Park (pictured) and breakfast at JANE. If you're in the LA area I seriously recommend you visit there. Amy's friend Heidi owns this place and honestly, without being biased, it was the best french toast I have ever eaten and I don't drink coffee either but you bet I was going to drink iced coffee while in LA!

We spent most of this day exploring every where we could, even heading to the main city. We visited Stories (a little café/book shop) Trader Joes (yes!! America!! you are the best) and a massive book store called "The Last Bookstore" (An amazing place if books are your thing. You've also probably seen it a lot on Instagram)

At sunset we some how got in to a little photogenic space which was on some business buildings. We spent the majority of the evening around there, trying to get the sunset on camera and also mostly being goofy taking photos. We had the whole space to ourselves and I am sure we entertained the security guard at some point who just left us to it.

On the 3rd day Amy had to work so I decided to explore a little on my own. I hopped on the Metro which was fairly simple to navigate, quite similar to London, I had my own little card that I topped up. My first stop was the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was quite early in the day when I went so it wasn't too crazy with tourists or people dressed up as characters.

Amy was finishing work at around 3pm so I wondered around until around 1.30pm before I head over to her work place. She had booked us in an Airbnb on the other side of L.A as a little surprise! We chilled around there, ate some food and that was it for the evening!

I am splitting these blog posts in to separate parts as I have so many photos I want to share with you. I hope you don't mind. :) Sorry for this one being short and sweet but I want them to be quite photo heavy! So, until next Sunday my friends.


  1. Great photos! I've never been to Los Angeles because it seems so crowded and chaotic, but I think I would enjoy walking around and learning the history of all the places. I would especially enjoy the sunset strip where all the bands I grew up listening to used to play. Thanks for sharing, I'm looking forward to part 2!

    1. Thank you Katie! It is a little bit crowded and chaotic but it is very different to the UK kind of crowded. Definitely go if you can!


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