November 13th 2016.
Is it too early to talk about my future travel plans? Possibly. But I'm just going to go straight ahead and do it anyway.

The year is almost up and I feel fortunate enough to be able to say that I have two booked holidays before the year is out. They're going to be short weekend breaks but what matters is that I'm going to two entirely new places. I chose Venice and Berlin. I'm going to Venice to see the atmosphere in winter (even if it does rain) and Berlin for the Christmas markets. I was even considering going away for Christmas day but it cost too much. With just two pay days left (and that awful long month and a half of no money) I have decided to try and calm down for this year at least. so here is my travel schedule and plans for this blog here on out.

- 25th - 27th November - Venice
- 9th - 11th December - Berlin
- 16th- 19th December- Central London

Now, I know what you're thinking.. "don't you live and work in London?" why yes, yes I do. However, for my other halves birthday I am booking a hotel some where in Central and we are going to treat this short break away as if we were seeing London for the first time. We're going to be tourists in our own city. I see the inside of Waterloo Train Station twice a day, Monday to Friday and St. Pauls Cathedral several times a day. It's very hard to appreciate your city when you just want to get to work and go home again plus London does Christmas very well!

So, plans for this blog?
1. I am always striving to improve. Whether that is myself, my blog, or even my Instagram photos. So one of the first things to change (besides this post) is picture quality and lay out of said pictures. I am qualified in photography and I have got an amazing camera.. So why am I relying on my phone? Aside from convenience? I do not have an excuse. I want to change that. I want to give you readers the best quality content I can.

2.This is not a phase! haha! I really want to stress this enough. If you are a part of my life or even just coming from Facebook you know how many things I've tried to create in the past that I didn't continue or I gave up. This time it is different. I am serious about this blog.

3. Content. This is a travel blog and always will be. Aside from these chatty posts, I will not start doing film reviews or start gushing about my love for Kpop. The future holds many guides, hours in said country and advice and tips. That said, I do aim to have regular posts and not disappear off the radar. (well, unless its a cabin in the woods..)

4. The new year holds many adventures. Austria being the first plan on my list with Greece and Norway. I'm sure I am also going to be taking my first solo trip somewhere in 2017. As well as thinking about a tour for two weeks some where in either Asia or America but also it is time to grow up and a mortgage is on the cards. So we shall see. (These are just plans! I have absolutely no doubt I will visit more places.)

5. Youtube? Potentially. A lot of people suggest to me that I should start a channel but while I am there it does not even cross my mind to hold a camera up for some thing other than pictures (as I don't even have Snapchat) and I usually get too caught up in the moment. So we will see.

So that is it for now. Please stick with me on this journey. This is going to be from now (so I can actually stick to this resolution as it is not New Year just yet..!) Please anticipate more posts before the year is out!

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