18/09/2016 / London, UK

Lets Catch Up..

I haven't posted on this blog in just under four months now. So, where have I been? What have I been doing? The answer is absolutely nothing in terms of travel. Since my last post I have left the garden centre and found full time employment in Central London. I work Monday to Friday and no longer have weird shift patterns which enable me to travel for long weekends. While I was getting settled I didn't want to jump right in and book random days off. I have also been saving money for a trip I have coming up in 3 days. Let me tell you though, it has honestly been so hard saving for this long holiday and not just hopping off some where in Europe. It also had me questioning what is the point of me running a travel blog if people I know are travelling more than me?
Enough of that negativity though. Lets talk about the photos above and what is happening in 3 days.

The Photos Above: Central London At Night.
I have a small strange confession here. I have never seen Central London at night. Yes, you did read that correctly and it is true. I have been to concerts where I have come out of the venue and jumped straight on to the tube. I have worked in Winter Wonderland and come straight out of work and jumped on to the tube but I have never seen London properly at night. yes, that is South Bank or Big Ben or even stood on a bridge and admired the view. I have always gone from location to tube or been on the train home when sun has started to set. Until the 15th September 2016. So here is for small victories. (P.s. I really loved it.)

So what is happening in 3 days?
If I see you on a regular basis or you have me on Facebook, you know what is coming. I have not stopped talking about it. I have been counting down and occasionally letting out squeals I thought only a 6 year old could make. Yes everybody... I am going to Disney World, Florida!! and it is honestly a dream come true. I remember standing in Disney Land, Paris (for possibly the 5th time) and being told by my other half "Paris is good, but America is so much better" and my response was "Well, I will never ever go to Disney World so I am going to enjoy this." As you can see. I really love Disney.

The Plan
There will be several blog posts going up over the course of a few weeks. I will do blog posts in days (as I am going for 12.) I think I am also going to take my laptop to America. I want to take all the photos on my phone and do some videos for Instagram (as I do not have Snapchat and I am not a vlogger.) and most of all, enjoy my time there!
So, If you don't already follow my Instagram, please do. (click here) and I'll see you in a few days!

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