A warm welcome!

Hello and a welcome to my blog. I thought I'd kick this off with a (old) selfie in a hotel room! how suitable, right? 

For those who don't know who I am and didn't follow this link through my Facebook page, my name is Kirstin and I like to travel. Most importantly I like to pay for my travel as cheap as I can possibly get it. 
On this blog I am going to be sharing my travels with you, so what I did, probably what I ate and bits and bobs from my daily life. 

My current preferred method of travelling is in short bursts of when I can and how much I can afford. Usually from one night to four nights. I spend hours thinking about it and looking on various websites to get the cheapest deals.

I only started travelling outside of England properly at age 19 with my first stop being Paris. (disclaimer: I previously experienced *just* Disney Land Paris at 16 but didn't really explore outside of those happy walls) and my first proper time being on a plane for more than 20 minutes (those 20 minutes were to Jersey in the UK) was to New York City. I am still a little bit terrified of flying but I am very slowly getting there! 
I travel with my partner Chris but I have plans of travelling (much to my mum and his displeasure) by myself one day. 

This whole blog thing is new to me entirely so please stick with me and be patient while I learn! :)

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